Yulia Romanova

Julia knows samba personally - since 2006 when she started to perform with Marakatu group. She was part of other groups that play Brazilian music - Sambateria, Enjoy Drumming etc. She visited Brazil many times and learned samba from famous and not-so-famous teachers - Rosangela Silvestre, Vera Passos, Carlinhos Salgueiro, Tatiana Campelo, Sleyk da Bahia, Vania Oliveira, Nildinha Fonseca, Lino Amilton Lino, Jaguaracy Santos Mojegbe, Pablo Guerreiro and others. Thanks to her interest to the diversity of Brazilian culture Julia was involved into different projects. For example, Back to Black project that organized regular classes on samba no pe and afro, seminars with teachers from Brazil and parties. Julia dances samba no pe, samba malandro, samba de roda, marakatu and other styles. As the samba malandro style is becoming more popular, she has created a special course that will be interesting for both men and women because it will add more charm to one's personal dancing style