Walter and Tais

With big pleasure we represent you Heardliners of our congress!

So, meet! 
It is not just the FIRE!!! 🔥🔥🔥 It is the HURRICANE!!! 💨💨💨
Yes! They are really Hurricane! "RED HURRICANE" people call Tais in Rio de Janeiro!

Walter and Tais! Black and Red Hurricane!!!

One of the youngest and talented professionals from sunny Rio, who already won the hearts of many zoukeiras and sambistas all over the world - bright, creative and very energetic Walter Fernandez!

His dance career began at Jaime Arouxa school, where at the age of 15 he successfully participated in the social project "Well head to toe". Later, our talent was found in a CIA DOM group show, known throughout Brazil for its impressive samba choreography, directed by Patrick Carvalho.

Walter was the champion of Gafierira Brazil 2015 Championship in the category of groups Such Benite in Kadu Vieira team.

Walter studied Zouk from such Masters like William Teixeira and Paloma Alves and they trained this young dancer for several championships. And now many experts of Zouk and Samba note the fact that Walter already left behind many well-known professionals.

After Gafieira Brazil the Walter`s professional career went with a double speed up. 
His first trip to Europe was organized by Angelica Snopkova (the Head of Milange studio in Nizhny Novgorod Russia) who noticed this young rising star on Zouk and Samba Sky. And soon he was teaching in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Siberia, Israel, Finland, Belarus and other countries in Europe.

Today Walter is a one of the most desired teachers in the world.

Redhead Tais Benite is a professional Samba de Gafieira, Samba no Pe, Soltinho, Forro, Salsa and Zouk dancer. She considers Sheila Aquino e Marcelo Chocolate to be her best teachers from whom she had learnt for 5 years.

Tais started her professional career dancing with Gabriel Silva de Souza with whom she had worked for 4 years.

Since 2015, Walter and Tais became a dancing couple. In April 2015 they took part in Gafieira Brasil Championship and took a first place in Kadu Vieira group show.

Despiite regular workshops, Walter and Tais are going to host an Instructor's class. And of course, due to multiple requests from our female dancers there's going to be a Lady Style from Tais Benite.