Wakko & Masha

Great teachers, dancers and founders of one of the first Brazilian zouk schools in Russia – Leandro D'Oliveira Wakko and Мария Де Оливейра (Maria D'Oliveira Masha)

Leandro was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He started dancing very young and since then became a universal dancer. He has in his portfolio hip hop, Brazilian funk, jazz, afro, contemporary, samba de gafieira, bolero, zouk, salsa, bachata, frevo, tango and forro. Leo was lucky to take part in the Brazilian carnival along with famous Brazilian stars – Kelly Key, Latino, SNZ, ELza Soares, Xuxa

Since 2002 Leo started to travel abroad with cruise lines where he performed in casinos and clubs. In one of such trips he met his future partner and wife Maria.
Masha was born in Moscow. She started dancing at the age of five and participated in numerous contests and competitions.

Wakko and Masha teach at their own school that was named best school of the year several times. The reason for it is not only the professionalism and talent of its teachers but because of the great family atmosphere where lots of zoukers became friends for life.