Wakko & Masha

We're happy to introduce our next couple of great dancers, teachers and founders of one of the first Zouk dancing schools in Russia - Leandro and Masha.

Leandro Wakko Oliviera is a true Carioca, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. In 1993, he discovered for himsrlf numerous street dancing styles such as hiphop, Brazillian funk and others. And then, after becoming a pro in these styles he started learning jazz, afro, contemporary, hip hop samba de gafieira, bolero, Brazillian zouk, salsa, bachata, frevo, makulele, Argentinian tango and forro.
Wakko started his professional career in 1999 at the age of 17. Despite the low age, his dancing school gave him a leading role on the Carnival's platform. And since that time, he started performing with such Brazillian stars as Kelly Key, Latino, SNZ, Elza Soares, Xuxa, etc.

In 2000, Wakko started to work as a choreographer and creates his own dancing company called Conexao Arte Urbala alondside with his partners Gui Almeida and Eddy Viera. The company had been very popular for many years and earned a lot of dancind awards along Brasil.

In 2002, Wakko started working on cruise ships as a dancer and performing in casinos and clubs.
One of these trips brought him to Russia where he met the love of his life, his partner and current wife, Maria de Oliveira.

Masha was born and raised in Moscow. At the age of 5, she statred doing choreography. Two years after, she started studying at Sigma dancing school under the patronage of Irina Kapkanshikova. In 1998, she started studying at Oleg Chernov's and taking part in professional dancing contests. Masha has been a winner of numerous championships in Russia, Chech Republic andd the Ukraine.
In 2004, Masha discovered for herself such styles as hip hop, R&B and gogo and then, 2 years after, Latino dances.
In 2008, she started learning Brazillian lamda zouk with Brazillian teacher Marcelo Bento Kaetano. In 2009 she started taking individual Zouk classes from Leandro and then started teaching with her current husband.

Wakko and Masha are the founders and teachers of Brazuka dancing school in Moscow that has become best dancing school at Russian Zouk Awards numerous times. And Leandro got numerous awards as a best Zouk teacher in Russia.
In 2012, Leo and Masha started their first Samba de Gafieira class in their school. And thanks to their work, all Samba de Gafieira lovers first met incredible Leo Fortes and Robertinha in 2013. In 2014, Leo and his students choriographed first Samba de Gafieira show in Russia.

Wakko and Masha are very interesting and charismatic dancers, high-class teachers, loving parents not only for their two beloved daughrers but you can say to all their students. All together, they created Brazuka dancing school with it's unique atmosphere where every student is surrounded with love and care.