Vladimir and Elena

It's time to introduce our next couple, Congress ideologists, hosts and teachers - Elena and Vladimir.

He's from St. Petersburg, she's from Moscow. He's one of the first Zouk dancers in Russia, she's one of the first Samba de Gafieira's one.

Together, they created Amo Rio project that includes the dancing school, regular Samba and Zouk parties and also the events with Brazillian teachers they invite to Russia.

Vladimir Blinov took up ballroom dancing classes in his early childhood. His teacher these years was the former USSR champion Lyudmila Timoshenko. That lead him on a right path and brought him numerous awards during his professional career.

In 2009, Vladimir started learning Salsa and Bachata on his own. A little bit later, he found out about Brazillian Zouk and fell in love with it completely and forever.

In 2010, he started teaching Brazillian Zouk alongside with his sister Olga in the school they created called BVStudio.
In 2015, he moved to Moscow and continued teaching Zouk there.

Vladimir has an ability to memorize any dancing movement from the first time. That's why he needed so little time to become an experienced Samba de Gafieira dancer.

Vladimir Blinov is not only a blessed dancer but also a smart, intelligent, emotional, extraordinary, charismatic and very tallented person, a good DJ and a photographer that took a Russian Gafieira Award as a Photographer of the Year. He's also a great show man that has a great sence of humour and always capable of creating a unique atmosphere around him.

Elena Anoprieva is a true soul of Samba in Russia. She's widely known abroad and Brazillians call her Elena Gafieira for her emotional openness and a huge love for Samba de Gafieira.

Elena is one of leading experts in Samba de Gafieira in Russia, creator and the ideological inspirer of SambaFanaticos project, teacher and organizer of the first festival of Samba de Gafieira in Russia.

In 2011 after class with Jorge Maryano her love story with Samba de Gafieira began and subsequently Jorge moved to Moscow and became her favourite teacher and mentor in this dance. Since then Lena is the permanent participant of the most important events of Samba in the world. Among her teachers there are: Leo & Robertinha, Anderson Mendes, Luiz&Natasha and the king of Samba funkeado Jimmy de Oliveira for whom she assisted many times in Russia and Europe.

Despite her natural talent and wide dancing experience,Elena continues to learn all the time from top teachers all over the world. And this constant work is expressed in her dancing style and skills which are highly appraised by true samba de gafieira experts - Brazilians.

During 2,5 years Elena has constantly assisted to Jorge Mariano in Rio Dance Academy. Then she accumulated experience, she began to teach independently and created her own methodology and the course of Lady`s style called Elegant Samba. 
In 2017 she became the winner of Russian Gafieira Awards in the following nominations: "For contribution of developing of Samba de Gafieira in Russia" and "The person of year".