Time of night people

Our next artists we're ready to introduce are Time of night people.

Alexandra and Alexander Grigoriev are two halves of one complete element. He is a composer and she is a singer. 🎼

Time of night people is a Alexander Grigoriev's project that plays Cool and Smooth Jazz and Bossanova.

One of the main collective's goal is to introduce a wide audience with a music style that has always been considered as complicated and too upscale for an average listener.

Why Time of Night People you may ask? Musicians answer that they love to create new songs at night as it's the best time for something the most intimate to appear. 🌛

Time of Night People are one of the most interesting Brazillian music performers in Russia. They manage to combine Brazillian tunes and Russian lyrics creating something unique and so familiar to every Brazillian music lover at the same time. Something filled with a warm breeze, warm Samba rhythms and something that makes you think about Brazil. 🇧🇷🌴

Band members are:
Alexandra Grigorieva
Alexander Grigoriev
Ilya Litvinov

Favourite Alexandra's songs are on: http://coracaodobrasil.com/lyubimyie-pesni-aleksandra