Taty & Yuriy

Taty Pinarina and Yuriy Ovchinnikov are talented dancers, professional teachers and true samba ambassadors. Tanya is known in Russia and beyond it due to her talent, feminine style and energy that she shares with her students. She founded first samba school in Cheboksary and co-organizer of Spring Zouk Fest in Kazan. Also she has organized Brazil Enjoy Zouk Samba Fest in Cheboksary. In 2014 she spent 2 months in Brazil to study zouk and samba in deep details.

Yura Ovchinnikov is a professional acrobat but he is a relatively new dancer - he has been dancing since 2015. His sports discipline and meeting his future wife helped him learn a difficult dance of samba de gafieira and become one of the best partners in Russia quite quickly.

In 2016 and 2017 Tanya was named Best female partner “Miss Gafieira” by the Russian Gafieira Award. Their show deserved the “Performance if the year” award.