Taty and Yuriy

We're happy to introduce one of our biggest Russian Samba de Gafieira superstar Tatiana Pinarina and her better half Yura Ovchinnikov.

Tatiana doesn't need much introduction cause she is very well-known in dancing communies of Russia, Brasil and Europe. And that makes no surprise at all cause Tati is not only a very experienced dancer, teacher and choreographer but also a person that has a true Brazillian spirit. People in Volga area and Siberia started to dance Samba de Gafieira thanks to Tati's enerdy and enthusiasm. Furthermore, Tati is a founder of a Brazillian dancing school in the city of Chebocsary and n organizer of the annual Spring Zouk Fest in Kazan and Brazil Enjoy Zouk Samba Fest in Cheboksary.

Yuri Ovchinnikov is a Master of Sports in acrobatics and a true hero.
He started dancing only in 2015 and learned the hardest social dance called Samba de Gafieira just to conquer his future wife's heart. Short after, he appeared as a part of the showgroup at Sambafanaticos 2 festival.
Yura is currently one of the best partners in Russia. Together with Tati they encourage people to dance Samba de Gafieira in Cheboksary.

We are proud of this couple and waiting for them at Sambafanaticos congress with impatience!