Moreno & Angelica

Angelica has once again brought a new Brazilian star for russian Samba Dancers.

Moreno Zanandré started dancing in the age of 14 under the leadership of his father, Paulo Zanandre. In the age of 16 he was teaching samba in that dance school (based in Campinas). And started learning Samba Funkeado in Sao Paulo, where he met his future teacher Mr. Jimmy de Oliveira.
In 2012 Moreno moved to Sao Paulo in order to dance Samba under the leadership of Jimmy de Oliveira. In 2014 he came back to Campinas to work in Paulo Zanandre School.
Moreno is already well-known in Samba world as a big professional in Samba De Gafieira and Samba Funkeado.

Angelica Snopkova is a founder of a dance school “Milange” in Nizhniy Novgorod. Angelica and Dmitriy have already been teaching Brazilian Zouk and Samba de Gafieira for six years.
She began her dance career from another social dances: salsa, bachata, reggaeton, afro-dance, cuban son.
In 2014 she was in Rio on Renata Pecanha’s congress and after that she started dancing zouk and samba De Gafieira more than salsa. In 2016 Angelica and Dmitriy went to Rio De Janeiro for 3 months to improve their skills in high level dance schools: «Academia Jimmy de Oliveiro» and «Amigos da danca», Paloma Alves Dance Studio «Entre passos», zouk project “Zouk needs you” (Val Clemente).