Luiz Carlos & Natasha Lima

Professional dancers and choreographers who are in love with Samba so much that for 5 years they have been creating choreography for the international Samba Day and bringing together 3,500 participants from 37 countries.

Natasha has been dancing since childhood. While studying at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, she was a member of the dance group of the university in Samba de Gafieira, now realizes her dream of becoming a true professional as a teacher and as a Samba dancer.

The love story of Luiz and Samba originates in the town of Kantagalo, where he lived in childhood with his family. From 2010 to 2013, he was a member of the leading groups at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, and since 2016, together with Natasha, they are choreographers of one of the leading schools - Lins Imperial at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, where they receive awards for the best choreography. The school has kept the traditions of samba for more than 56 years, being one of the oldest in Brazil.

Natasha and Luiz have been dancing as a professional couple for over 7 years. Already in the second year of their joint work, they won the champion title in traditional Samba de Gafieira at the Samba Rio Show Championship in 2013 and the title “Revelation couple” according to the version of Vila in Focus - RJ in 2014. Then there were 6 tours in European cities and the title of the best teachers and class at the Sambrasil festival in 2017. In the summer of 2015, they already came to us for the 2nd sambafanaticos festival.

And on March 13-15 they will again come to us, in Moscow, at the Sambafanaticos Weekend and spend 2 days of unforgettable classes in Samba de Gafieira, as well as hold the Samba de Gafieria Bootcamp, where they will create a unique and fiery performance in 3 hours with you - real SambaFanaticos of Samba de Gafieira.