Ilia Petrov

Dear friends,
Most Russians know this Man, but once again we decided to remind about his merits before the Fatherland ;)

So, the main Hero of our congress, the strict financial and technical director, our favourite DJ and the teacher of Samba de Gafieira very attentive to details - Mister Ilya Petrov.

Men, partners, guys, read carefully - following is the proven recipe how to become a ladies' magnet!

Ilya – is one of those unique persons for whom Samba is one of the main hobbies..
Our Ilya is the pioneer of this dance in Russia and he knows EVERYTHING about Samba!

"The most convenient and safe partner" - girls say about him. 
Ilia is always occupied at parties and has a line of girls eager to dance with him. More than that, he is in high demand in Europe - even the great and world famous sambinha Sarah Pallares invites him for samba! And Leo Fortes always says that Petrov is his best friend in Russia.

Ilya is real Samba fanatic! 
He attended numerous congresses and workshops. During 7 years Ilya has never missed any Spai Carioca and Samba Lion Congresses. By the way, Ilya was invited to Lion like Samba DJ and we are so proud about this fact!

Ilya is the recognized expert in Samba de Gafieira in Russia and he contributed much in developing of this dance in our country!