David and Bruna

David Bosco is the simbol of our event!
All forrozeiros and sambistas in Russia adore this bright unrepeatable guy, who has a realy crazy energy and an ability to generate great fun around him.
David started his career in San Paolo. And after two years he was invited to Jimmy Oliveira`s dance school in Rio.
David is a talented dancer and a very professional choreographer. His shows have always had a great success in Europe.
David is a very creative person, he created his own style called Samsurfe. It’s a mixture of samba, soul music and dancing on rollers.
Now he is living in Barcelona teaching Samba de Gafiera, Samba na pe, Salsa, Forro.
David Bosco is always kidding and calls himself David Moscow. And he is really Moscow)) because people here adore David for his good sense of humor, positive energy and emotions. He is the most welcomed guests in Moscow and he was invited practically for all our festivals and two times participated in Moscow Zouk Congres . David Bosco is a real a symbol of our Sambafanaticos festival!

So guys it's time to introduce you David's new partner. 
And hold on everyone because it's Bruna Sousa!

Yes, you got it right! This tiny and fragile at the outside Brazillian girl is capable of blowing your minds up when she's on a dance floor. And we can surely say David knows how to pick the right partner ;)

Despite the yound age, this girl has already organized whole five 
Zouk and Samba congresses together with her former partner Mister Dragon.

Bruna is not only an experienced Zouk, Forró and Salsa dancer but also has made a huge progress in Samba Funkeado under a patronage of Jimmy The Kind de Oliveira.

And the Funk dancing show you all will see on February will be something you'll never forget!

So put all your doubts away and join us for Sambafanaticos congress.