Alan Dias & Victoria Oliveira

"Our hearts beat in the rhythm of Samba!" says another pair of teachers at our Sambafanaticos Weekend 2020.

Get acquainted! Alan Dias and Victoria Oliveira are one of the most prominent and inspiring representatives

of Brazilian culture and sincere admirers and followers of Samba de Gafeira.

All their movements, feelings, emotions, gestures and words are imbued with Samba's aura.

Indeed it flows through their veins thanks to such well-known masters as Alvaro Reys,

Valdeci de Sousa and Carlos Bolacha.

Vinicius Villiger and Flávia Teixeira had a specific influence on their unique dance style.

In 2015, the hearts of Alan and Victoria began to beat together in the rhythm of Samba twice as fast.

And from that moment they won 4 Samba championships, one of which was Gafieira Brasil 2018.

Traveling the world, taking part in numerous festivals, congresses and seminars in Europe and

South America they were gifting everyone the love and energy of Samba de Gafiera.

Finally in March of this 2020 year we look forward to meet them here in Moscow.

Join our truly unforgettable Samba-weekend with Alan and Victoria and

let's share with each other Samba energy and mood.