Our teachers:
Leo Fortes & Robertinha Stephanie
Walter Fernandes
Taty Pinarina & Lius La
Guri DoSamba
David Bosco & Cleo Ramos
Felipe Garcia & Angelica Snopkova
Jorge Maryano
 & Sepideh Latiff
Erica Tintel
Julia Glazkova
Elena Gafieira

Leo Fortes и Robertinha Stephanie

Dear sambafanaticos!

During our event you will have a unique chance to learn from the best couple in samba de gafieira world. These professionals achieved great success in different styles of the dance – samba tradicional and samba funkeado.

Leo Fortes and Robertinha are professional dancers of samba funkeado and their talent and mastery are confirmed by awards of dance championships WORLD BRAZIL SAMBA and Infok. Both of them have been dancing for over 10 years.

Leo was a student at the dance academy of Jimmy de Oliveira - the creator of samba funkeado. Robertinha learned to dance from such famous professors as Alvaro Reys, Carlinhos de Jesus, Carlos Bolacha, Marquinhos de Copacobana and Cabral.

Today Leo and Robertinha are among the internationally recognized and highly demanded teachers of samba, active participants and inspirers of SambaManiacos movement, and in February they are coming to Moscow to share with us the secrets of the cool and modern style of samba funkeado and samba traditional.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn samba from the best professionals in the world of Samba de Gafieira!!!

Walter Fernandes

With a big pleasure we represent you our next teacher!
One of the youngest and talented professionals from sunny Rio, who already won the hearts of many zoukeiras and sambistas all over the world - bright, creative and very energetic Walter Fernandez!

His dance career began at Jaime Arouxa school, where at the age of 15 he successfully participated in the social project "Well head to toe". 
Later, our talent was found in a CIA DOM group show, known throughout Brazil for its impressive samba choreography, directed by Patrick Carvalho.

Walter was the champion of Gafierira Brazil 2015 Championship in the category of groups Such Benite in Kadu Vieira team.

Walter studied Zouk from such Masters like William Teixeira and Paloma Alves and they trained this young dancer for several championships. And now many experts of Zouk and Samba note the fact that Walter already left behind many well-known professionals.

After Gafieira Brazil the Walter`s professional career went with a double speed up. 
His first trip to Europe was organized by Angelica Snopkova (the Head of Milange studio in Nizhny Novgorod Russia) who noticed this young rising star on Zouk and Samba Sky. And soon he was teaching in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Siberia, Israel, Finland, Belarus and other countries in Europe.

Today Walter is a one of the most desired teachers in the world.
And very soon he will be with us at Sambafanaticos Festival in Russian Capital of Samba de Gafieira!

Liuz La & Taty Pinarina

We are pleased to introduce one more couple Taty Pinarina and her new partner Liuz La, who will come to our festival directly from sunny Rio!

Taty is well-known in the dance community, not only in Russia, but also in Europe and Brazil. She is very experienced dancer and choreographer. She is also a founder of the school of Brazilian dance in Cheboksary.
Taty is a certified instructor of Samba de gafieira from such Brazilian teachers like: Jimmy de Oliveira, Diego Fiori & Monica Batista, Leo Fortes & Robertinha, Luis Carlos & Natasha, David Bosco.
Thanks to the energy of Taty, people from Kazan, Cheboksary and Siberia are already dancing Samba de Gafieira!

Liuz La is a professional dancer and leading instructor of Contemporâneo e Dança de Salão studios in Rio. Luis began his dance career from street dances "Cubo Black" group (black cube).
Since 2008, Liuz became a member of the group CIA REC, organized by Alice Ripolli, where together with other professional dancers trained, participated in the shows and implemented various dance projects. He entered in the world of social dance in 2010. His first school was Escola Carioca de Danca.
Since 2011 Liuz studied and practiced the methodology of teaching from Val Clemente.
Liuz is a universal teacher.
Where are many styles in his pool: Zouk, Forro, Samba de Gafieira, Bolero, Hip-hop and many others.

Here in Moscow, Taty and Liuz will perform together for the first time, and we sincerely wish them success and believe that our festival will become the starting point for their joint dance career!

Guri do Samba

Our next teacher Guri do Samba will directly come from São Paulo (Brazil)!

First time in Russia and only in Moscow! Guri do Samba - teacher, dancer and choreographer. The student and the absolute copy of the King of Samba de Gafieira Jimmy de Oliveira!

He began to dance in 2002 at the age of 8 years in one of the oldest dance centers Comunitário Praça Internacional (São Paulo), where he studied classical ballet and jazz for three years, and then continued his studies in school of Kleine Szene 2005-2007.
In 2007 Guri decided to be a teacher and passed a basic instructor course in school Celso GAZU Dance Center in Sao Paulo.
In 2009 at the age of fourteen, he started his education in Rio-de- Janeiro at school Jimmy de Oliveira - the creator of style Funkeado. For his success in dancing Samba de Gafieira this young talent got his bright artistic name Guri do Samba and became well-known not only in his native São Paulo, but also in all states of Brazil, Argentina and Europe.
From 2014 Guri started to teach and participate in main Samba event in Brazil and Europe. He participated in large amount of samba congresses and workshops in Brazil:
Maratona Paulista (São Paulo) -2014,
Sambrasil (São Paulo) - 2014, 2015,
Oficina do Samba - Edição Nordeste (Recife) - 2014
Oficina do Samba - Edição de Verão (Rio de Janeiro) -2015.
Oficina do Samba - Edição Campinas SP -2015, 2016
Oficina do Samba - Edição Florianópolis SC- 2016
Oficina do Samba - Edição Vale do Paraíba - 2016 and many others.

In 2016 Guri went to Europe for the first time. Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Prague, Paris, Rotterdam - and this is not a complete list of cities, where he taught Samba de Gafieira.
After his last tour in Europe Guri has become one of the most popular young teachers there.

At our festival Guri will teach with Julia Glazkova. She is a teacher and assistant of Jorge Maryano at Rio Dance Academy (Moscow) during 2.5 years and also a member of Sambafanaticos Team.

David Bosco & Cleo Ramos

David Bosco is famous for his crazy energy and ability generate great fun around him. He started his career in San Paolo. And after two years he was invited to Jimmy Oliveira school in Rio.
David is a talented dancer and a very professional choreographer. His shows had a great success in Europe.
David is a very creative person, he created his own dance style, called samsurfe. It’s a mixture of samba, soul music and dancing on rollers.
Now he is living in Barcelona teaching Samba de Gafiera, Samba na pe, Salsa, Forro.
David Bosco is always kidding and calls himself David Moscow. And he is really Moscow)) because people here adore David for his good sense of humor, positive energy and emotions. He is one of the most welcomed guests in Moscow, he was invited practically for all our festivals and two times participated in Moscow Zouk Congres . David Bosco is already a symbol of our Sambafanaticos festival.

The partner of David Cleo Ramos will arrive to our Fest for the second time. This bright, beautiful lady is originally from Brazil. Cleo has already won Russian man`s hearts.
She is incredibly talented and professional dancer who started her career in 2004 from classical and modern dances.
In 2008 entered the university (Universidad Estadual do Ceará) where studied pedagogics, modern, classical, ballroom and national dance, popular Brazilian dances, working with a body and consciousness. After that studied street dances at one of the well-known Brazilian schools "Santa Terezina". In June 2010 she completed a course of modern dance in National Theatre Quito-Ecuador. Further there was a dancing school of Danza de Paracurú, where Cleo studied classical ballet, jazz and hip-hop.

Since 2014 Cleo is working together with David Bosco. This couple is one of the most favourite and popular in Europe. You will understand why, if you go to their classes. Easy explanation of material, humour, jokes, laughter and unforgettable emotions – all this are guaranteed!

Felipe Garcia & Angelica Snopkova

Felipe began his dance career in 2009 at Jaime Arôxa School in Rio, where he studied dance salon during two years and received Bolsista status - Senior School student.
In 2010, he joined Cia Jaime Arôxa (RJ) Team, participated in the dance shows like "Viva Brazil", "Sentimentos" and studied teachers course from Jaime Aroxa. After his teachers also were Lidio and Monique Freitas Marculo, Rafael Oliveira, William Alves Teixeira and Paloma, Val Clemente.
His Samba de Gafieira career began in 2014.
Felipe was a student of the legendary Jimmy de Oliveira - the founder of the SAMBA FUNKEADO.
So, all the participants of our festival in February will have a unique opportunity to remember the lessons of the King of samba and our beginners can feel the beauty and amazing technique samba funkeado.

Angelica Snopkova - the Pioneer of Samba de Gafieira in Nizhny Novgorod.
Her dance career began 10 years ago when she won the dance competition at sports club. Since Angelica realized that she wants to devoted herself to dance. Her hobby grew into the creation in 2008 her own school Milanzh - one of the most famous social dance schools in Nizhny Novgorod.
In searching of inspiration and new dance styles Angelica went to Brazil in 2014, where she fell in love with Samba-de-Gafieira and spent 3 amazing months in Academia Jimmy de Oliveira and Amigos de Danca.
In September 2014 Angelica brought to Russia the young and very talented teacher Walter Fernandez from Rio-de-Janeiro , and not only opened the group of samba in Nizhny Novgorod, but also opened up a new world star. And in 2016 she opened a new name for Russian - Felipe Garcia, who has already won the hearts of Moscow, St.Petrsburg and Sibirian people. In February, together with the new rising star Felipe Garcia, Angelica come to our festival to teach her favorite samba.

Jorge Maryano

Next teacher - our favourite Grande Mestre Jorge Maryano!
Jorge began his dance career in Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro) when he was 15 years. Firstly he helped his uncle in his dance academy "Amigos Da Dança", and then he continued his education in Alvaro Reys school. Thanks to these two schools Jorge gained the diploma of the dance teacher in specialties: Samba de gafieira and Tango.

At Alvaro`s school Jorge met his first teachers of the Brazilian Zouk (Brazilian Zouk)- Adilio Porto and Leonardo Neves.
When Jorge was 21 years in 2006 he was invited to one of the most popular schools in the Czech Republic - "Dance Planet" in Prague, where he was working during one year like a teacher and producing choreographer of the Brazilian social dances.

From 2007 to 2010 Jorge Mariano taught Samba, Zouk and Tango at another dance school Tradicion Group de Baile company in Prague.

Since 2007 he began to study Cuban salsa (Cuban Salsa), Afro-(Afro) and Rumba from the famous teachers - Doris Martinez, Andria Panaiyi, Leon el Rumbero, Alberto Valdes.
Talented Jorge needed to develop new territories, and in 2010 he went to Cyprus. He was the first who brought and began to develop the Brazilian Zouk in Cyprus. There he created dance school which is called "Brazilian Social Dance Cyprus".
During one year Jorge worked in France (Lyon) in "Saudades de Brasil" where he focused only on Samba of Gafieira.

Since 2014 Jorge Mariano lives and working in Russia where he developing the Brazilian culture and his own dance school "Rio Dance Academy" in Moscow. He is travelling a lot around Russia and teaches Zouk and Samba de Gafieira.

Jorge Mariano inspires people from different countries of the world by his creative choreography and ability to mix different dance styles in amazing way. He participated in such dance congresses like: Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Macedonia, Cyprus, Russia, Germany, Holland, Spain, Brazil . In Switzerland he participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games (the museum of the Olympic Games).
Jorge is the Artistic Director of our Festival and now he is preparing the new choreography to our Festival. He is also will held Instructor Course and will be the main Judge at Samba Battle!


Luibiana is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer.
Started her dancing career in 1997 with the Ballroom dances. She has participated in numerous competitions throughout Russia.
From 2008 - began to teach.
2009 - graduated with honors from the Volgograd State Institute of Art and Culture as a teacher and choreographer.
2009 – dancing and teaching Salsa, Bachata, etc. solo and for couples.

2013 – started to dance Zouk.
Started training with Marcelo Bal, then was dance school Brazuka Leandro de Oliveira. In the future, began to go to the numerous workshops and congresses around the world.
William Teixeira & Paloma Alves, Kamacho, Kadu & Larissa, Natasha Terekhin and Gilson Damasco, Adilio Porto, Jefferson Dadinho & Aline Cleto, Antonio Hernandez Sanchez, Janson Sousa, Eglantine Oliveira, Bruno Galhardo, Renato Veronezi.
Zouk Davils & friends Summer Weekend 2014 (Spain); Russian Zouk Congress 2014 (St. Petersburg); Berg`s Congress 2015 (Brazil); Samba Fanaticos Festival I 2015 (Moscow); Prague Samba & Zouk Congress 2015 (Czech Republic); Moscow Zouk & Samba Congress 2015 (Moscow), teaching with Jorge Maryano and Walter Fernandes; Samba Fanaticos Festival II 2015 (Moscow); Samba Fanaticos Festival II 2015 (Moscow); Dutch International Zouk Congress 2015 (Netherlands); Samba Fanaticos Festival III 2016 (Moscow); Prague Samba & Zouk Congress 2016 (Czech Republic); Moscow Zouk & Samba Congress 2016 (Moscow), teaching with Tirso Chauca .; Russian Zouk Congress & Championship in 2016 (St. Petersburg); Samba Fanaticos Festival IV 2016 (Moscow).

2015 - visited Brazil and took a closer look with Samba de Gafieira (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Seguro). After returning to Russia joined to school Rio Dance Academia of Jorge Maryano and began teaching Zouk and Samba.
Assisted on the congresses to Jorge Maryano, Walter Fernandes, Tirso Chausa. She is a regular participant of Samba Fanaticos Moscow festival.
At our Festival Liubiana will assist to Walter Fernandez at Zouk classes.

Rafael & Sepideh Latiff

Rafael Latiff & Sepideh Latiff are professional dance teachers in Brazilian Zouk, Samba de Gafiera and Samba Funkeado.

Rafael Latiff was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been dancing since he was 12 years old and startet with Brazilian Zouk already with 14 years old.
He has studied contemporary, salsa, hip hop, bolero and forro to complete his dancing.
He focused on Brazilian Zouk, traditional Samba de Gafieira and Samba Funkeado, and started his career as a certificadet dance Instructor at the most famous Zouk school in Rio, Núcleo de Danca Renata Pecanha.

Rafael Latiff have a lot of diffrent Technique Knowleges of Brazilian Zouk like traditional Zouk ,Neo Zouk ,Flow Zouk and RNB Zouk which he is dancing and teaching.

Afterwards he was a teacher at Jimmy de Oliveira´s school and part of his dance company. From this time on he has been giving traditional Samba de Gafieira as well as Samba Funkeado classes. He taught at numerous Congresses and gave Workshops all over Brazil and Europe. He made the 1st place at the Championship in Brasilia at the Capital Zouk Congress as well as at the Festival de Dancas Liceu and the Festival de Dancas Cabo Frio and the 4th place at the Championship at the Rio Zouk Congress from Renata Pecanha.

Sepideh has been dancing Zouk since 2012 and started her dance career in 2015 as an professional international teacher after being trained by Rafael Latiff in Brazilian Zouk, Samba de Gafieira and Samba Funkeado. She also has dance experience in Forro, L.A. Style Salsa and other Latin dances and completed her knowledge with classes in ballet, contemporary and jazz dance.
She taught at numerous Congresses and Workshops all over Europe and Brazil.

Rafael and Sepideh took part as teachers in the most famous Europe Congresses & Workshop Weekends :
★Zurich Zouk Congress 2015 ★Zurich Zouk Congress 2016 ★Workshop Weekend 2015 Austria/ Kärnten
★Master Classes Zouk & Samba 2015 London / Fix
★All Stars Festival 2015
★All Stars Festival 2016
★Dutch Zouk Congress 2015
Moscow Zouk Congress 2016 ★Zouk & Samba Workshop Weekend Denmark Nov/ 2016
★Russia / Nizhniy Novgorod 2016/ Dec - 2017/ March Regular Brazilian Dance Classes ★Workshop Weekend in Toljatt / Dec 2016
★Worksho Weekend Nizhniy Novgorod January 2017*confirmed
★Moscow Zouk Workshop Weekend January 2017*confirmed ★Prague Zouk Congress 2017*confirmed
★Moscow Zouk Congress 2017*confirmed
★All Stars Festival 2017 *confirmed

Erica Tintel

One more Beauty is going to us directly from sunny Rio!
So, please meet Erica Tintel - dance and life partner of Felipe Garcia!

Erica started her career at dance school of Lucimara Lima in São Paulo in 2007 as Bolsista where she studied ballroom dances during two years.

In 2009 she joined Renato Veronezi company where she specialized in Zouk and also participated in choreography, classes and seminars.

She visited classes of such professionals like: world champions of salsa Rafael Barros and Karine Moraes, Ricardo Mello and Kleire Tavares, Karina Carvalho and Rodrigo Oliveira, Jaime Aroxa and others.

In São Paulo she was also a member of the Ladies Style company created by Kleire Tavares.
Erica participated in many competitions in Zouk, Salsa and Samba Funkeado in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2014 she moved to live in Rio. Here she studied method of Jimmy de Oliveira in Samba Funkeado and methodology of Paloma Alves and William Teixeira in Zouk.

Now Erica is successfully teaching Zouk, Ballroom dances, Salsa and Samba Funkeado and continues to increase her professional level at different seminars in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, such as: Oficina do Samba Edição Campinas (SP), Maratona Paulista de Dança (SP), Esquenta Sambrasil (SP), Zouk Camp (RJ), and also she regularly visits lessons of such famous teachers like Jimmy de Oliveira and Jaime Aroxa.

Erica was already noticed at different events in famous schools of Brazil, such as: Carioca Club (SP), Buena Vista Club (SP), Capital Bar (SP), Rey Castro (SP), Congresso Mundial de Salsa da Semana da Cultura Latina (SP) Sambrasil (SP), Swing do Black (RJ) Sambamaníacos Fantasy (RJ) CIB (Clube Israelita Brasileiro) of ACM (RJ).

Erica has never been in Europe and our festival will be her first big event outside Brasil.
And we are absolutely sure that this Beauty will shine at all top events in Europe! Boa Sorte, Erica! Vai Linda!

Julia Glazkova

Our next teacher and a member of Sambafanaticos Team - Julia Glazkova!

As for many other dancers, her story with Brazilian dances began since acquaintance with Brazilian Zouk in Argentina in 2009. Since then in her life whirling carousel of master classes and congresses with the participation of the best teachers there she also started learning Samba de Gafieira.

She studied Samba de Gafieira with Freddy and Andressa, Jimmy de Oliveira, Leo and Robertinha, Dadinho, Janson Souza, Anderson Mendes da Rocha and Brenda Carvalho, David Bosco and Sarah Pallares, Cacau Mendes and, of course, Jorge Maryano.
During 2,5 years Julia was his assistant in Rio Dance Academy in Moscow. And now she is also a member of JM show company.

Julia says that samba stole her heart. Now Julia never misses an opportunity to dance Samba de Gafieira, where she was not - in Russia, Europe and Brazil.

At our Festival she will assist and help Guri do Samba.

Elena Gafieira

Our next teacher is Elena Gafieira - one of the leading experts in Samba de Gafieira in Russia, creator of SambaFanaticos project, the organizer of Sambafanaticos Festival, teacher and assistant of Jorge Maryano at Rio Dance Academy.

Experience in ballroom dances is more than 12 years, including experience of teaching - more than 5 years.
She was a winner of many ballroom competitions: Championship "Open Russian " Formation Standart (3rd place), Italy Open Championship Formation Latina (1st place) and many others

Her experience in social dances is more than 8 years.
She is dancing:
HUSTLE since 2009
KIZOMBA since 2014
TANGO since 2016

Elena fell in love with Zouk when saw the improvisation of her future teachers: Irina Zouk Moscow and Marcelo Bal on Pushkinskaya Embankment.

She also studied Zouk at Rio Zouk Style school with Freddy Marinho&Andressa Castelhano, Rio Dance Academy with Jorge Maryano&Jessica Guerra and Brazuka school with Leandro de Oliveira Wakko&Maria de Oliveira.

In 2011 at Berlin Zouk Congress for the first time she visited lesson of Samba de Gafieira with Jorge Maryano, and since Samba de Gafieira stole her heart.

Elena participated in many congresses in Russia, Europe and Brasil:
1. Prague Zouk Congress (2011,2012,2014)
2. Prague Zouk&Samba Congress (2013)
3. Prague Zouk&Samba Weekend (2014)
4. Moscow Zouk&Samba Congress (2012,2013,2014, 2015, 2016)
5. Russian Zouk Congress (St.Petersburg 2012,2013,2016)
6. Corpo Carioca Zouk&Samba Congress (St.Petersburg 2013,2014)
7. Berlin Zouk Congress (2011,2012)
8. Austria Zouk Congress (2013,2014,2015)
9. Amsterdam Zouk&Samba Congress (2012, 2015)
10. Spai Carioca Samba Congress (Barcelona, Spain, 2012,2013)
11. London ZoukFest (2012)
12. Zouktime Congress (Brno, Czech Republic 2013,2014)
13. Spiral Dancers Zouk Congress (Lloret de Mar, Spain 2012)
14. Berg's Congress (Porto Seguro, Brasil 2015)
15. SambaFanaticos Festival (Moscow winter 2015, summer 2015, winter 2016, summer 2016)

Individual Zouk Classes: Bruno Galhardo, Renato Veronezi&Babi Pacheco, Leonardo Neves, William Teixeira, Natasha Terekhina, Natasha of Terekhina&Gilson of Damasco, Olga Skorina, Marcelo Bal, Rafael Latiff

Individual Samba de Gafieira classes: Jorge Maryano, Jimmy de Oliveira, Leo Fortes&Robertinha Stephanie, Anderson Mendes, William Teixeira, Jansen Sousa, Carlos da Silva, Jefferson Dadinho, Jefferson Dadinho&Aline Cieto, William dos Santos, Val Clemente, Cacau Mendes, Leandro de Oliveiro Wakko, Rafael Latiff

And now she also takes individual Tango classes with Luis Squicciarini in Moscow.

In February 2016 during Sambafanaticos festival she completed Samba de Gafieira instructor course with Jimmy de Oliveira and in August 2016 inctructor course with Diego Fiori&Monica Batista at RZC.

Elena assisted the King of Samba de Gafieira Jimmy de Oliveira at Zouk&Samba Congress in Amsterdam in 2012, at Samba Congress Spai Carioca in Barcelona in 2012 and at 3d Sambafanaticos Festival in 2016.

In 2015 she assisted Jansen Sousa at his master classes in Moscow

Now Elena helps and assist Jorge Maryano at Rio Dance Academy and leads her own group together with Ilya Petrov.

Just like any other sambafanatico, she continues to learn all the time from the top teachers all over the world. And this constant work is expressed in her dancing style and skills which are highly appraised by true samba de gafieira experts - brazilians. They say about her that she is «mais brasileira do que russa» (more Brazilian than Russian).

Come to our event and dance with our Russian Samba de Gafieira Queen!