Anderson and Brenda

Anderson and Brenda have been working together since 2011. Their success is based on a unique combination of Anderson’s performance experience and Brenda’s teaching skills which she mastered in the school of legendary Jaime Aroxa. This combination is reflected in their dancing style that is characterized by versatility of genres, technicality and unusual choreography. In their teaching they make a special focus on the understanding of how body is working, how connection is created and how to listen to the music.
Anderson and Brenda dance salsa, zouk and bolero. But their favourite and most important style for them is samba de gafieira, which they have been teaching around the world for 6 years.
Don’t miss a chance to learn from a couple that is talented in both dancing and teaching!

David Bosco

David Bosco is the simbol of our event!
All forrozeiros and sambistas in Russia adore this bright unrepeatable guy, who has a realy crazy energy and an ability to generate great fun around him.
David started his career in San Paolo. And after two years he was invited to Jimmy Oliveira`s dance school in Rio.
David is a talented dancer and a very professional choreographer. His shows have always had a great success in Europe.
David is a very creative person, he created his own style called Samsurfe. It’s a mixture of samba, soul music and dancing on rollers.
Now he is living in Barcelona teaching Samba de Gafiera, Samba na pe, Salsa, Forro.
David Bosco is always kidding and calls himself David Moscow. And he is really Moscow)) because people here adore David for his good sense of humor, positive energy and emotions. He is the most welcomed guests in Moscow and he was invited practically for all our festivals and two times participated in Moscow Zouk Congres . David Bosco is a real a symbol of our Sambafanaticos festival!

Luciano and Sophie

This amazing dancing couple is very well-known for their sensuality, techique and musicality.
Luciano was born and raised in Brasil and Sophie is of Czech and Hungarian descents. But that doesn't make her an odd one out among the Brazillians that see her as a true part of their community.

Luciano Gomez is not only a distinguished dancer but also a person of a great sense of humor and energy. He will definitely make you laugh and feel comfortable on his classes. And dancing with him become something you will never forget.

Luciano and Sophie have been organizing numerous events in Europe for more than 10 years. Among them there are: Zouk and Samba Congress в Galicia (Spain), Prague Zouk and Samba Congress, 10 years of Brazilian dances in Czech Republic and more.
Their work is one of the reasons Samba de Gafieira became so popular in Europe.
Next year Sophie and Leo&Robertinha will be organizing one of the biggest Samba events in the World called Sambamaniacos Galicia.

Sophie is a high-class teacher, dancer, event maker, talented actress and a show woman. A true Super Woman!

Furthermore, she is a great Carnival Samba dancer so all the female participants of our festival will have an opportunity to take part in a bootcamp with her.

Taty и Yuriy

We're happy to introduce one of our biggest Russian Samba de Gafieira superstar Tatiana Pinarina and her better half Yura Ovchinnikov.

Tatiana doesn't need much introduction cause she is very well-known in dancing communies of Russia, Brasil and Europe. And that makes no surprise at all cause Tati is not only a very experienced dancer, teacher and choreographer but also a person that has a true Brazillian spirit. People in Volga area and Siberia started to dance Samba de Gafieira thanks to Tati's enerdy and enthusiasm. Furthermore, Tati is a founder of a Brazillian dancing school in the city of Chebocsary and n organizer of the annual Spring Zouk Fest in Kazan and Brazil Enjoy Zouk Samba Fest in Cheboksary.

Yuri Ovchinnikov is a Master of Sports in acrobatics and a true hero.
He started dancing only in 2015 and learned the hardest social dance called Samba de Gafieira just to conquer his future wife's heart. Short after, he appeared as a part of the showgroup at Sambafanaticos 2 festival.
Yura is currently one of the best partners in Russia. Together with Tati they encourage people to dance Samba de Gafieira in Cheboksary.

We are proud of this couple and waiting for them at Sambafanaticos Festival with impatience!